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Remove Microsoft error with support team

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How to Resolve "Cannot Open Microsoft Office Outlook" Error?

When users face any issue in outlook they can use Outlook customer service number. It will allow you to connect with the experts who are trained and have knowledge for solving issues. While using Microsoft outlook at times, users get the "Cannot Open Microsoft Office Outlook" message on their screen. What does it mean? It shows that Outlook is not working or opening. If it doesn't open, how you can send or receive emails and use other features. Therefore, it becomes very important to solve this error.


By taking the help of experts you can fix this issue. Or if you cannot do it, then you can contact experts through outlook technical support phone number. Now, you must be thinking what is the number for Outlook support? Well, dial -1 (800) 642-7676 this Microsoft support number to ask the solution. Apart, from this, you can also follow the below guidance to fix the Outlook error.



If you like to fix the issue by yourself, then read further for the best solutions to follow.

Let Us Fix Outlook Can't Open Issue:

 Start Outlook in safe mode and disable add-ins:

Due to some add-ins and third-party extensions, conflict with the Outlook. But when users try to start Outlook on safe mode it may work for them. Actually, safe mode starts the Outlook without letting any add-ins interfere. And this can tell you whether add-ins are the main cause or not.

Therefore, follow the below steps to open Outlook in safe mode:

  • Choose Start and click on Run
  • Type outlook / safe and click OK
  • In the Choose Profiles dialog box, accept the default setting of Outlook
  • Now choose OK
  • When asked, you need to enter your Password and choose Accept

Note: How to know that Outlook is working in save mode? You will see a label on the symbol of outlook, or you may also see a pop-up regarding this.

If you still your Outlook is not working in the safe mode, then you need to disable all of yours add-ins. This may happen because any one of the add-ins is not working. Therefore, you will need to disable the add-ins. Follow the below guide for that:


  1. Open Outlook and select File >> Options >> Add-ins
  2. At the bottom of the View and manage Office Add-ins, ensure that the Manage box shows COM Add-ins.
  3. Now choose Go
  4. When you see COM Add-ins listing of your current add-in, open it and choose one of the following:


  • Manually record the title of every selected add-in listed under Available Add-ins




  • Take a screenshot of the property sheet and then save the picture to a location of your choice.


  1. After choosing any one of the options now you need to clear all the selected checkboxes.
  2. Next, click OK
  3. Choose File >> Exit


After you are done with these steps, restart your computer. This may help you in getting out of the issue that you are facing for a long time. As you have disabled all the add-ins, now your Outlook will work without any trouble.

However, in case if it still doesn't open then you can use outlook support phone number, to register your complaint. The technicians will look into the situation immediately to give you the solution.

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